Method of being smart in healing Your body

with no surgery and money effective


There are techniques that the general population knows nothing about because the traditional medical establishment isn't aware they exist, having this knowledge suppressed over the years by various powerful organizations. The techniques I'm talking about deal with the treatment and prevention of diseases involving the blood vessels of the body.
These diseases coronary artery disease, cardio-vascular disease (precursors to stroke), peripheral vascular disease (precursor to gangrene), and cerebrovascular disease (precursor to stroke and dementia) are the major causes of disability and death in our world today.

The traditional approach to these diseases relates to surgery and drugs. Your case of severe hardening of the arteries need not lead to bypass surgery, heart attack, amputation, stroke or senility.
The use of a chemical called EDTA (ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid) has been used in this country for these diseases for decades. Probably 700,000 people have benefited by this technique. Despite what you might have heard about chelating therapy, administered by a properly- trained physician and given in conjunction with lifestyle and dietary changes with the use of specialized nutritional supplements, the procedure is an option to be seriously considered by persons suffering from coronary artery disease, cerebral vascular disease, brain disorders resulting from circulatory disturbances, generalized atherosclerosis and related ailments which lead to senility and accelerated physical decline.

Clinical benefits from chelating therapy vary with the total number of treatments received and with the severity of the condition being treated. More than 75% of patients treated have shown significant improvement from chelating therapy. More than 90% of patients receiving 35 or more treatments have benefited when they have also corrected dietary exercise and smoking habits, which are known to aggravate arterial disease. Symptoms improve, blood flow to diseased organs increases, need for medication decreases, and the quality of life improves.

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Polish ing. Mr. Stanislaw A. Wosiński invented the device that changes the structure of the water and other organic substances putting their molecules in perfect order. Such a harmony causes number of  documented healing improvements in human body cells.


The device is being named ADR and is shaped in form of a ceramic disc. It is consisted of  a combination of various dimmention magnets which feature different magnetic intensities. They all together generate uneven spatial magnetic field. The device has been awarded during number of International Conventions and Scientific Contests Worldwide. It is proven that ADR heals cardiac circulation in human body and in this way heals back non-active cells making them work for the benefit of entire organism.



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Dig deeper to find out more about recent updates on lack of bad effects linked with CHOLESTEROL (LDL/HDL)

in Your diet and body

There is no need to fool people around about cholesterol being

the reason of heart deseases anymore. STOP Your doctor telling You lies



Here You can find some important merit information, real, practical and firm advises as well as descriptions of a sample solutions in everyday diabetic life.




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Please, read carefully merit information as knowledge and understanding of all processes and functionality of Your body is the key issue to make your efforts effective and Your life comfortable living with Your "ENEMY".



To hit the jackpot You MUST BEAT the idea of fighting and rejecting the fact of HAVING that SOMETHING in Your body and life.



STOP running away from IT.

Face the fact that "IT is in Your life and will never be gone away until they discover how to grow human parts in a laboratory".


Although it stays, it does not necessary need to be Your BURDEN.  If you can not fight Iit, try to get to know as much as possible about it and learn on how to overwhelm it throughout Your entire life with absolutely minimum bad influence. 

Once You get it, You will see that making diabetes Your friend is more rewarding ithan treating it as Your ENEMY



START observing Your body, feelings, reactions, performance (when normal, stressed, sick, blue, happy)

 - You will quickly discover that even without a glucometer it is not very hard to distinct between high and low sugar level in Your blood.


CONNECT the reactions of Your body with Your diet, intensity of physical exercises, addictions, making love.


ADAPT all noticed information into your everyday living. Incline to many injections instead of one or two per day.

Be sensitive to the moments when low sugar approaches. Be prepared for immediate action but do not exaggerate. 




During each hypoglycemia You usually take some candies or sweet drink but You must remember that once the process is started, the information is being sent to Your liver that "there is too low level of sugar in Your blood" and that message is irrevocable. 

You feel You must take something sweet to balance levels but liver already started preparations for releasing due portion of "sweets" into Your organism as well. So, after You feel that You are safe there is a need for taking some amount of fast reacting insulin. And this is exactly what You need to learn: How much insulin needs to be taken in case of: hypoglycemia, before sleep, before long walk, ect.


DON'T RELY ON DEVICES like glucometers, pens, pumps and other in 100%. They can be of help but You need to be a MASTER and deal the cards. All these devices can support You but You need to learn how to deal without them and not to allow them to take over the control over Your life!!!!! You are to be in charge and decisive but devices can only support - that is very important issue to understand and adopt.



That Coca-Cola (and some other sodas) is the richest in carbohydrates consumption unit (besides chocolate) beverage. 

You can use it only to immediately rise up sugar level in Your blood and not for everyday consumption.


And above all, just between You and me: FOOD is nice but nobody likes to be limited. So, would You allow food to IMPRISON You? Are You so WEAK to let something take  control over your life ? WHERE is Your DIGNITY?


And please, DON'T TELL ME IT IS SO STRONG and NICE. Imagine the comfortable cell in San Quentin - You like it? If You say so, it means that You completely have no idea about  WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU CAN DO. Only YOU are THE MASTER OF YOUR LIFE - NOTHING AND NOBODY ELSE. You are going to be FREE at the very moment as You take this simple Truth into Your life for real.

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