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1. Complex Upgrade of all Systems as well as

 2. Modernizing only Segments or dedicated Systems


Each Technology Advancement is complex and complicated long term Process based on details.
As long as large amounts of money are involved, these matters require agreements, legal form of conducting, securing of performing activities.

HonesTClutch GmbH has verified great number of agreements and checked up for provisions contained in there. Over 90% proved to be disadvantageous for Healthcare Institutions regarding services and terms or conditions under which the products have been acquired.

Somehow, the texts and the conditions (wording) in the highly important documents (agreements) are of no special interest to healthcare general  managers as they relay on competences of employed lawyers  and/or law offices only and not professionals in their domains as well.

In this particular case (technology advancement) the agreements and provisions are of great significance as they determine the functionality and financial condition (Patient's security) of Health Institution and require decent and accurate forming.

Inaccurate and failure contracts/agreements result in extra spending and risk of health disturbances for Patients.

It is strongly recommended not to use pattern agreement texts or matrixes as each and every Institution (even the same specialty) has its unique characteristics (financial, ownership, range of activity, number of employees, expenses, administration, location, health cases, number of patients etc) and can not stand the same measurements or technical shaping.

In this domain the organizations like
IGMP are the vital and helpful security providers as they have an access to vide range of specialists that have both merit and legal skills and knowledge.

Honest Technology Clutch GmbH has the skills, knowledge and experience that are so much needed in technology advancement cases and along with
IGMP is ready to be of service to those in need right on away.

It must be strongly emphasized that creating the righteous and effective formal order means not only agreements but also other number of documents and commitments when only then they all create the case tailored suite ready for safe and successful proceeding.

1. Just a lawyer or law adviser is not enough to guarantee Your safe technology advancement
2. What is essential to any Institution in after implementation time is securing its functionality
    and condition of the hardware and software (licenses, upgrades etc) for as long as it only

3. It is very frequent and even common situation that the Institution is awaking in a "new
    reality" after the implementation has been completed. Then they realize that the
    implementation was not so much cost effective as the exploitation is going to be due to the
    fact of not properly agreements and documents handling.

HonesTClutch GmbH has been involved in many litigations and arbitration proceedings throughout the reasonable time and has a knowledge and experience in dealing with this kind of issues.
 Especially it is of great importance when talking about technology advancements
HTC GmbH was involved in.

Deep knowledge in transactions, negotiations, healthcare regulations, telecommunications, labor law, calculations and payment systems in healthcare sector and some others) can not be overrated and have got great impact on detailed cases when acting on technology advancements.

We are ready for Co-Operation.