Cost effective communicating !

IT doesn't necessary need to be a DREAM








Modern Devices available at hand

for any HealthCare Institution









Modern systems - better quality







We can be charged with:

1. Complex Upgrade of all Systems as well as

 2. Modernizing only Segments or dedicated Systems




The quality of services delivered by HealthCare Institution is determined by procedures, smart and effective management plus systems of communications allowing data and information fast exchange.

The Health Care Institution is deemed to provide its Patients with disposition and firm performance of the telecommunication system, its modern condition, ability to providing security and flexibility plus redundant solutions and functionality, integrity and health security.  In this way the Institution can deliver their core product that is Care for Patients.

Considering HealthCare Institutions the Telecommunication system means at large scale:

1. ability to summ up with Grand Paymaster (NFZ) - Institution in Good Standing (trunks and
                    Internet connection lines)
plus standard compliance,

. ability to  daily data and information exchange within the Institution structure and with
                    outer world

3. ability to  make idle new and supporting systems such as acute and mobile rescue systems,
                    new technical standard communication connection with ambulances and remote
                    patients and many others

The telecommunication system should be considered in the first place when talking about Technology Advancement Planning as it is the real window for Institution to the inner and outer space.
Such a system CAN BE cost and expenses effective, modern, functional, control accountable, and easy manageable, but You need to know how to achieve it.

Tele system not necessary need to be very expensive as an investment and maintenance.
    It requires proper assessing of the needs, functionality, security, other systems co-working
    ability and performance it should provide
. One of the most important factors is quitting
    on relaying on only one service provider

2. In case of HealthCare Institutions we strongly recommend not to allow Yourselves to rent
    space and or devices (servers, PBX) or other structure elements with monthly payments
    agreements from any Services Provider. That is putting You and Your Patients in danger in
    terms of security, integrity and functionality.

3. Tele system plays the key role in data transferring to and from Institution and therefore must
    be sealed and access secure in terms of data processing (ADO).

4. Tele systems producers and sellers/providers tend to make the prices higher and sell the
     more complicated systems to Institutions than they really need. That makes sometimes
     consideration of advancement of the system as a whole potentially look very drastic.

5. Tele system it is not only devices and software - it also means, cabling (infrastructure)
     configurations and procedures.

It is very important to charge with choosing and planning the technology advancement in area of telecommunication system only Professionals and Specialists with skills and experience. They need to have an experience and deep knowledge in trade, appliances, and negotiations to successfully choose the right system and save You large amounts of money.

Depending on Your competences and knowledge plus skills in agreement composing the tele system shall be Your pride or nightmare for a long time in to come in reference to functionality and costs.


Smart and Costs effective technology advancement will always pay.

HonesTClutch GmbH