Providing New Technology Solutions

and smart Upgrading of

IT and Telecommunication Systems

at HealthCare Facilities














We can be charged with:

1. Complex Upgrade of all Systems as well as

 2. Modernizing only Segments or dedicated Systems


For the last 24 years Honest Technology Clutch GmbH has been engaged with new technologies and active in many domains like: computers (hardware and systems configuration), telecommunications (systems and installations), data transmission (networks and IT infrastructure installations, VOIP), legal support and transaction securing, wireless systems delivery. All of that we have been proudly effecting under various corporate names in the territory of Germany, USA and Poland.

Since 2010 we have been engaged in number of Operations and Projects where we have the chance to utilize our knowledge, skills and experience  for the benefit of Healthcare Facilities in Poland.

Our competences in conducting transactions that would include: auditing, planning and legal documents preparing, leading negotiations, maintaining, supervising, closing systems implementation processes and skills appliance procedures help us do our job with responsibility and quality trademark.

Our approach is timely, financially and functionally effective to our Customers that is HealthCare Facilities (hospitals and clinics).

 In HealthCare Sector system Upgrading we can deliver:

auditing    - assessment and current condition valuation of all of the systems,
 2. planning    - elaborating complex plans for modernization and upgrading of the
including solutions providing and the ways of proceeding,
3. paperwork - leading negotiations and documents producing,
4. valuations  - auditing incoming technical offers (merit and procedural conformity),
 5. legal assistance - tenders and agreements preparing ,
6. supervising - systems implementation and skills appliances,
7. quality and conformity check procedures,
8. long term tech counseling - systems proper utilizing,
 9. financial effectiveness counseling providing financial effectiveness of
                                                                 rendered services

      10. health procedures effectiveness improvements (JGP)

Our activity covers all areas of:

     1. Telecommunication Systems
          2. Personal Data Processing and Securing System,
          3. Managing and Procedure Effectiveness System,
4. IT Systems

We are honored to co-operate and assist Izba Gospodarcza Medycyna Polska (IGMP) who is the active Member of Krajowa Izba Gospodarcza (Polish National Chamber of Commerce), for whom we effect services and counseling in the domains, as above, in the processes of Modernization of Polish HealthCare Sector and implementation of New Technologies.
For more details on our approach and activity domains please, visit other applets on this very WebSite

We are very pleased being Your host here as well as having possibility to co-operate with You in dedicated cases and Projects in the future.

"Every problem means new possibilities 
Modernization and Upgrading can be Your Chance and Satisfaction and not burden"

 We encourage You to run smart and professional Modernization !!!
                                                                                                                                      HonesTClutch GmbH