Professional and Accurate Assessment (Audit)

is the Starting Point

of any

Technological Advancement Process












Only reasonable decisions

based on smart thinking and genuine data

can be taken as financially effective Proceeding

Plan Your Modernization


Save the Time and Money








We can be charged with:

1. Complex Upgrade of all Systems as well as

 2. Modernizing only Segments or dedicated Systems




Most important element of any Technological Advancement in terms of procedural, functional or financial planning is the right and decent assessment of the current state and condition of the systems of Institution (Audit).

You can never overate the information coming as a result of such a research work.
This knowledge is the basement on which any decision and planning can only be made in reference to:

  • planning the set of steps and actions,

  • acquiring the financial support,

  • scale of Process,

  • range and intensity of particular cases,

  • expected functionality and performance,

  • functionality of the whole Institution

It needs to be said that the Audit must be done complex for whole the HealthCare Institution and its results can be priceless once it has been done by Professional(s) experienced in:

  • proceeding business transactions,

  • IT,

  • Internet technologies,

  • telecommunications,

  • data transmission,

  • legal,

  • calculations and transactions nature in healthcare sector financial system,

  • new technologies,

  • formal procedures due in the healthcare system sector

The Assessment range must cover following systems:

  • Informatics system,

  • Telecommunications system,

  • data processing system,

  • financial and managing,

  • administration managing system,

  • healthcare managing system

HonesTClutch GmbH has worked out her own model of research and assessing the systems in HealthCare facilities oriented on the most accurate delivery of the current and actual condition of all the systems in terms of core and orbital related tasks. The method is always focusing on both ends: Patient and Provider.

Those Institutions that used our expert assessment has so far accomplished some or all the stages of the technological advancement to the date.


Proper way and form of each assessment done according to HTC GmbH standard should result with frame project of Technological Advancement respecting the present profile of Institution including planned possible changes reported.

Basing on our experience regarding
9 out of each 10 audits verified by us, here are some of our evaluations of the worth of elaborated assessments considering the competences of persons involved as follow:

  • these persons couldn't deliver the genuine and decent complex information or

  • were not interested in decent delivery of the information or

  • were not experienced enough to deal with the matter or

  • all of above together

All we want to point is that You should be most cautious on selecting the right people You retain with the work and not to try to save illusory amounts of money in the areas where it is not supposed to take place. Saving money on professional assessment means loosing lots of money on realizing fake and incompatible illusory Projects that cost money and time.


The best You can do is to turn to organizations that have an access and sources plus takes responsibility of providing You with secure and competent support. Most appreciated in our opinion is IGMP who takes efforts to make Institutions in HealthCare domain feel and be safe as much as possible.