We can be charged with:

1. Complex Upgrade of all Systems as well as

 2. Modernizing only Segments or dedicated Systems


Personal Data Processing is the key issue to any healthcare Institution in terms of health care and health well being of Patients and now it is more important in terms of Patient's personal data security.


The main task and difficulty is practical proper rating of the users of an information and making access restrictions to those who would want but are not entitled to.

Thanks to lawmakers sector authorities prepared and proclaimed the binding law and regulations.


Now Institutions must comply with the technical and procedural demands in this regards and in case of negligence or lack of technical abilities they are going to face the penalty music.


Such an acting or lack of proper acting shall result with big money looses.

  Law Regulation Source

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And here is the importance of the smart, merit and competent Professional involvement in the process of technology advancement in any HealthCare facility.

In terms of technology advancement tailoring the system to satisfy the regulatory needs it requires experience and complex planning of the performer and Investor (owner) alike as the system must be prepared so tight that no not entitled individual or institution could have an unauthorized access to any data being produced within the IT and Tele systems of the HealthCare Institution.


We strongly encourage all of You to employ and retain with contracts only experienced, skilled and proved specialists and professionals as in the other way it might seem that You might have been investing in the systems that even though that great amounts of money have been spent no compliance with official regulatory requirements have been met.


And there is more - such a situation will produce penalty costs that would exceed the costs of the system modernizing.




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